Hanging Christmas houses decorated with Sticky Base and glitter


Paint these papier-mâché houses for hanging with Plus Color craft paint and leave to dry. Knead Sticky Base with artificial snow and attach onto the houses. Sticky Base works like a glue and may be mixed with different kinds of glitter. Here we have used glitter for a wintery look.

How to do it
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Paint the papier-mâché houses with Plus Color craft paint.
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Push a blob of Sticky Base into fine glitter. Knead thoroughly.
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Push the Sticky Base mixture onto the house where you want to achieve a frosty look.
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Mix Sticky Base with slightly coarser glitter and attach the mixture around the door, windows and the roof.
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Mix glitter strips with Sticky Base and cover the entire roof with this mixture. A tip: you may attach the mixture so that it protrudes over the roof to create eaves covered in snow.
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Here is the finished house covered with snow.
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Another variant
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